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Music Fundamentals - This chapter will get beginners started on the basic components of sheet music.
Scales - This chapter will enable you to determine the scale that a piece of music is based on. You will be able to construct scales and you will also learn the various types of scales.
Intervals - This chapter explains the relevance and importance of intervals. If you have ever wanted to learn to play by ear, then this will help you get started.
Keys - This chapter looks at the relationship of the notes within a scale. A person will gain greater insight as to why composers choose specific notes. A person will also gain insight into creating their own compositions.
Chords - Learn how chords are constructed and why they include the notes they do. Includes major chords, minor chords, augmented and diminished chords, seventh chords and more.
Chord Progression - Discover how melodies and chord progress. This chapter will set the student on the path of how chords are determined. Furthermore, a student should be able to compose basic songs after reading this chapter.