Chapter Two

You know that you can count up five notes to create a new scale. It is also possible to count down five notes to create a new scale. To demonstrate this we will start with the C scale and count down five notes from the right. In the new scale, which has a keynote of F, we will now lower the fifth note from the right, as follows. Thus, we created the F scale which has one flat (B flat). Notice that there still is a half step between the seventh and eigth notes.

Using the F major scale, create a new scale by counting down a fifth. What scale do you have and what are the accidentals? Your answer should be the B flat scale and the accidentals are B flat and E flat. Note that the key signature for the following scale is placed before the time signature. Remember a previous lesson, the accidentals placed before the time signature apply to all letters of the musical alphabet unless the notes are altered (typically by a natural) within a measure. In the key of B flat, we have the accidentals of B flat and E flat.