Chapter Two

Now here is a trick worth remembering. You can use a current scale to build a new scale by following these simple steps. A) Build the new scale by using the fifth note of the current scale as your keynote. B) Raise the seventh note by a half step. This is what we did on the previous page. We built the G scale based on the fifth note of the C scale.

Let's try building a new scale base on the G scale. Below is the G scale from the previous page.

The fifth note of the above G scale is D. So we use D as our keynote, retain the F sharp from the G scale, and raise the seventh note of the D scale by a half step (ie make it sharp). The below is the result. It is the D scale and it conforms to our rule of a half step between the third and fourth notes and a half step between the seventh and eigth notes.


Note that this procedure can be continued. What would the keynote be for a new scale based on the D scale and what notes would be sharp in the new scale? If your answer for the keynote is A, and if your answer for the sharps is C sharp, F sharp, and G sharp (which is the new sharp), then you deserve a cookie.