Chapter Five


Extended Chords: We can add a third above the highest tone of a seventh note to create a five tone chord. The five tone chord is referred to as a ninth (there are 9 intervals between the lowest tone and the highest tone). But we do not have to stop there. We can add another tone to make an eleventh chord and even another tone to create a thirteenth chord. The attached midi file shows the assortment of chords discussed so far with the root of C.

Midi File for Extended Chords

In reality, composers will often omit one tone in a ninth, and composers will omit more than one tone in the eleventh or thirteenth tone. It should be obvious that it is rather difficult to play a seven tone chord on a six string guitar.

Review: We've have covered several types of chords. Let's review what we have learned.

Chords are two or more notes played togeather. Chords can be built on any note, just like a scale. Keep in mind the accidentals in a key when determining the type of chord.

1. Major scales are built from the root, major III and perfect V of a major scale. The three notes that create a chord are called a triad.

Midi File of Major Triads

2. Minor chords are built from the root, minor III and perfect IV of a minor scale.

Midi File of Minor Triads

3. An augmented triad is a major triad with an augmented V.

Midi File for Augmented Triads

4. A diminished triad is a minor triad with a diminished V.

Midi File for Diminished Triad

5. A dominant seventh chord, usually referred to as a 7th chord, is a major triad with a minor VII added.

Midi File for 7th Chords

6. A minor seventh chord is a minor triad with a minor VII added.

Midi File for Minor 7th Chords

7. When a 2nd is added to a chord which already has a 7th, that note is called the 9th of the chord (a 9th is an octave higher than a second).

Midi File for Dominant 9th Chords

8. Three other 7th chords are major 7th chords, half diminished chords and diminished 7th chords. A major 7th chord is a major triad with a major 7th added. A half diminished chord is a diminished triad with a minor 7th added, and is referred to as a minor seventh chord. A diminished 7th chord is a diminished triad with a diminished 7th added, which is a 7th that has been lowered by two half steps (double flat).

Midi File for Other 7th Chords

Well, that does is for our review of chords. By now you should be able to construct your own chords and have a better insight into chords you already know.

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